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Dullingham Sports Field and Recreation area has had a few different locations in the village over the years. Originally it was located in a field behind what is now Elm Close. It then moved to the edge of the village over the station crossing as you go down to London Road behind what is now called Pavilion House, this also contained some tennis courts.

In the mid 1970's local farmer Peter Taylor, who owned the field, wanted it for agricultural purposes and offered the village a much nicer piece of ground in a central location to replace it.

This was gladly accepted by the Parish Council and was a very generous offer. It was leased to them on a 99 year lease. Dullingham Estate Farms owned by the Taylor family spent a lot of time preparing, levelling and seeding the ground which has provided us with the beautiful surface we have today.

Mr Taylor then offered the bricks and tiles from some old farm buildings to build a pavilion. These were transported from Westley Bottom to the field by tractor and trailer with the help of members of Dullingham Sports Club and construction began.

The building of the pavilion was mainly carried out by members of the Sports Club, who were local builders from the village and they were supported by other members and young people who helped out with the labouring. It was a great effort by everyone and we ended up with a much improved facility.

It's been very well used since, for village cricket and football as well as a venue for disco's, weddings etc but over the last few years slipped into decline. Village cricket and football teams seemed to lose popularity in favour of other activities and whilst there has been both sports at the ground is had been on a less regular basis.

Dullingham Parish Council had always been keen on restoring and improving the pavilion but due to lack of money and interest it was difficult to justify the expense when it was not being used regularly.

Newmarket Cricket Club made contact with the Parish Council as they were looking for a new ground to relocate too. All interested parties, old and new,came together to make sure everyone was happy to bring the site back into use and Newmarket Cricket Club then signed a 20 year sublease to make Dullingham sports field their base.

We were now able to show the building being used weekly and approached East Cambs District Council to see if they could help with some funding. They were a tremendous help, and after securing a Facility Improvement Grant which enabled us to renovate much of the pavilion from the roof downwards, supported further by local business such as Howden ,Ladybird Communication and P&B flooring the pavilion started to become the gem it is today. There is still work to do but with the help of local tradesmen and many volunteers we now have a sports field and a pavilion to be proud of.