Footpaths and the Environment

The Map

The map is designed to encourage the use of the parish paths, providing a wide variety of walks, including access to the Stour Valley Way and the Icknield Way.

Please click here to view or download the map.

The map includes paths outside the parish to aid planning longer routes, but only footpaths within the parish are identified by their number on the Definitive Footpath Map. The landowners have a duty not obstruct the right of way and share with the County Council a duty to maintain the path so that it is passable.

The Parish Council has a Footpath and Environment Officer. If you have any queries about footpaths feel free to contact the Parish Council.

For footpath problems report to
Footpath surfaces are cut by the County Council but any encroachment, hedges or footpaths on private land are managed by the landowner.
Footpaths map

Chalk Stream

The stream through the village has recently been identified as a chalk stream and is the focus of an important project with a group of national scientists and also the people of Newmarket. It is a winterbourne stream, which means that it doesn't flow all year around. The stream arises from aquifers in local woods. There are only approximately 250 chalk streams in the world.

The chalkstream
The chalkstream
The chalkstream



Walks in the village provide plenty of interest with delightful views of open countryside. The traditional settlement pattern has left many valuable open spaces, and some striking architectural features such as the 12th century church and a number of domestic buildings dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Away from the village there is a good variety of wildlife, with many mammals, including at least one herd of deer, and many species of birds.

Countryside Code

  • Keep to the paths at all times
  • Use gates or stiles, do not climb over fences or gates
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Keep your dog under control, do not let it harass livestock or wildlife, do not let it run over the crops or through private woodland
  • Keep your distance from horses and do not feed them
  • Footpaths are for pedestrians only
  • Bridleways are for pedestrians, horses and cyclists
  • Byway is mainly for use by pedestrians, horses and cyclists, but vehicular access is permitted
  • Permissive footpaths are not on the definitive map, access is allowed by the landowner as they wish


This map has been produced with permission from the Ordnance Survey and assistance from David Cooper and Adrian duPlessis.
If you wish to report a problem on a Public Footpath or Right of Way in Dullingham please click on this link Cambridgeshire County Council Rights of Way

Update to the Public Rights of Way Page

Cambridgeshire County Council have updated their Right of Way page. Options to report problems online, and a really useful button to download the Definitive Map of Rights of Way into your Google Maps on your phone.

Signage on public rights of way

  • Footpaths - let you go by foot only and are marked by a yellow arrow
  • Bridleways - let you go by foot, horse or bike and are marked by a blue arrow
  • By ways open to all traffic - let you travel by any form of transport, including motor vehicles and are usually marked by a red arrow.
  • Restricted byways - let you travel by any form of transport that doesn’t have a motor and are marked by a purple arrow.
  • Permissive paths are not legal rights of way, but are routes which the landowner has agreed the public can use and are marked by a black arrow

If you come across any fly tipping please contact issues - they are very efficient.

If you own a property which has a hedge or trees overhanging footpaths, pavements etc, please note that it is your responsibility to keep the way clear for users.


Litter Pick

The Parish Council runs an annual Litter Pick, sometimes on one day only or sometimes over a longer period, generally around Easter before the grass grows too long. The PC can supply bags, grabbers and reflective vests, these are available for use any time. Please help keep our village well cared for!

We are here to help, please stay in touch!